French Guitars


French Guitars

Message par cgtrjm100F » jeu. 10 avril 2008, 17:48


I live in Philadelphia, U.S. and I'm looking to purchase a new guitar soon.

The shop I visit in Philadelphia has several French luthier's represented now.
However, I am not familiar with any of them. Can anyone point out a notible
name or two for me so I can check to see if any of their guitars are on display.



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Message par Martinuz » jeu. 10 avril 2008, 18:20

the contrary would be easier


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Message par Matthieu » jeu. 10 avril 2008, 19:38

I agree with Matinuz : it woulb be easier to know who made the guitars you saw, than to give you an exhaustive list of french luthiers.

Nevertheless, here are some well known names:
Jean-Bapstiste Castellucia, Jean-Luc Joie, Joël Laplane, Benoît de Bretagne, Antoine et Stéphane Pappalardo....There are many others.



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Message par Garlik » jeu. 10 avril 2008, 20:48

Hi cgtrjm100F,

Dominique Delarue, Michel D o n a d e y, Gilles Mercier, Jean-Marie Fouilleul, Hervé Lahoun, Olivier Pozzo, Erik Pierre Hofmann, Renaud Gallabert, Cornelia Traudt...

Where in Phila?
I'm currious to know which one are on display.


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Message par LanceFortune » jeu. 10 avril 2008, 20:57

Garlik a écrit :Where in Phila?
I'm curious to know which one are on display.
Same here. :shock:

Perhaps I would even stop by, since I will be travelling down the east coast, this summer, on my way to North Carolina…


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Message par cgtrjm100F » jeu. 10 avril 2008, 23:58

Thank you all for the names, I appreciate it.

I also agree that listing some of the names on display would be of help, so here goes:

Dominique DELARUE
Maurice DUPONT


Luc S.

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Message par Luc S. » mer. 16 avril 2008, 11:00


you listed most of the top established french luthiers,
one can add Robert Bouchet (deceased) but guitars are very rare and expensive,
Daniel Friederich, Dominique Field, Michel D o n a d e y, Joel Laplane.

Giambattista are mades by Jean Baptiste Castellucia,
the Giambattista brand is for the "not too expensive models" and the Castellucia brand is for the high end models
I've played in the shop last week Giambattista Flamenca FG3 and Classic 60TH Superbs !!
So logically in the shop Giambattista brand should be the less expensive but it really worth it,
the others should be very expensive, these luhiers produced almost exclusively concert and grand concert guitars
may you give us some models and prices ?

It is in french but you'll find some picture of there work and i'm pretty sure the site owner understands english ... on*id*val*

Check the luthier page links


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