classical noob


classical noob

Message par lytynyn » mer. 25 mars 2009, 09:14

i'm a newbie to classical guitar and i'm excited to get started learning some beginner pieces and maybe one day some more advanced stuff...this forum looks great however, i think i'll have to get some practice under my belt before i can leave any meaningful posts here :bye:


Re: classical noob

Message par gjm » mer. 01 avril 2009, 19:38

I kind of feel the same way about "leaving meaningful posts." Its not that I don't have any questions or possible comments to make, it's that I have found my own playing and study time difficult to come by, and hence progress is slow. Teaching music is my full time occupation, but that does not mean I get to be on the 'Offensive' with my own development. Plus, the 'classical guitar' discipline appears to require a long term view/participation in order to grow your playing skill base. This is in contrast to the kids I see everyday who are legends in their own minds after having learnt a few power chords.

I have found though, as I make my way through the level 1-4 pdf's that its easier to just figure things out myself, either by deduction or googling. Its often quicker than waiting for a response on a forum, even this forum.

Anyways, I am not even sure that this post is even meaningful, just a comment really about whether or not I can offer any value when there are so many others more qualified.



Re: classical noob

Message par LanceFortune » mer. 01 avril 2009, 21:09

Welcome around, gjm

To me, this forum is also useful when you actually can’t find your way deciphering complicated scores… only need to ask and tons of helpful hands will show up immediately!


Re: classical noob

Message par Noadman » sam. 04 avril 2009, 22:36

Hi and Welcome/Bienvenue lytynyn, (and again to gjm)

What I really love about these forums is the range of replies one can find to your questions. You get the expert opinions but also the less common observations, -often from the newer students, which I find to be helpful.

Everyone has something to offer, so don't be shy about contributing.



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