Wonderful Sanz Recording

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Wonderful Sanz Recording

Message par Vesuvio » ven. 08 mai 2009, 15:36

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to mention a wonderful CD:

GCDC80206 G Sanz: Instrucción de Música Sobre la Guitarra Española - Orphénica Lyra; José Miguel Moreno, director

I recommend this without reservation for anyone interested in the music of Gaspar Sanz,

Best wishes, V :)
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Re: Wonderful Sanz Recording

Message par Resumen » ven. 15 mai 2009, 12:27

Yes you're right; Sanz by Jose Miguel Moreno is an excellent record, but not the only one (Xavier Diaz-Latorre, Hopkinson Smith, Jakob Lindberg Sanz-Murcia record, and Rolf Lislevand also made great Sanz recordings).
If you liked so much Sanz by JM Moreno, I'm sure you will like this magnificent one in the same vein (with baroque guitars and theorbo) :
Zarambeques, by "Armoniosi Concerti" (directed by Juan Carlos Rivera, baroque guitar)
Works by Sanz, Guerau, Murzia & alia
harmonia mundi ibèrica, s.a. refernce HMI 987030
All the best

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Valéry Sauvage
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Re: Wonderful Sanz Recording

Message par Valéry Sauvage » ven. 15 mai 2009, 12:34

I heard José Miguel Moreno live in a recital, vihuela, baroque guitar, and romantic guitar, including Sanz (canarios). Very nice player and fine man ;-)
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