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Hello from Greece

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Valéry Sauvage
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Re: hello

Message par Valéry Sauvage » mer. 28 avril 2010, 20:24

Hello, and welcome !
could you please present yourself ?
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. (Horace)


Excellent site

Message par vroutsis » sam. 01 mai 2010, 12:31

Congratulations for this site. It is really excellent!!!


Re: hello

Message par vroutsis » sam. 01 mai 2010, 12:35

I'm Vasilis from Greece and i'm interested in learning to play the guitar. A friend of mine has proposed me to visit your site and i think it is very organised. Congratulations!!


Re: hello

Message par Tarbaby » jeu. 20 mai 2010, 01:39

Welcome Vasilis!

I see you've been accepted to the 002 Group, so I hope you're enjoying the recordings and scores.

Please try to remember to keep your post count up. :wink: Do you speak French?

Have fun,



Re: hello

Message par Herminho » dim. 09 janvier 2011, 18:19

Hello world!!!


Re: hello

Message par LanceFortune » lun. 10 janvier 2011, 03:25

Hi Herminho and welcome here. Please give us a few words about yourself; I have noticed your first posts are quite short.

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