Overture to " -Die Fledermaus" -


Overture to " -Die Fledermaus" -

Message par Tarbaby » jeu. 20 mai 2010, 02:19

Have any of you noticed this contribution by new member Christian Rocheleau?


It's 14 pages and he says he transcribed it both by ear and from the orchestral score! :chaud:

I was tempted to ask him if he's really Kazuhito Yamashita under a different username, but he writes that he only plays a little- so that can't be the case. :mrgreen:



Re: Overture to " -Die Fledermaus" -

Message par LanceFortune » ven. 21 mai 2010, 15:28

Hi Tarbaby,

I did not notice until you posted… impressive, to say the least – notwithstanding the fact that he candidly admits not having completed his music studies and doing it mainly by ear. :shock: :oops: :chaud:

He posted another one, a few days ago (Bizet, this time).

I reckon that he lives around – since his name is a familiar one up here.


Re: Overture to " -Die Fledermaus" -

Message par Tarbaby » mer. 26 mai 2010, 22:52

Nice to hear from you, Christian! :D

Your English is very good. I wish I could contribute to this Forum, but I speak no French at all and my online translator comes up with some pretty strange translations. (So I've been told by French speakers).

I'm happy that you have found a place to share your remarkable work. M. Delcamp had people like us in mind when he developed this site. He knows that many of us get little or no support from our surroundings.

I live "way out West" in Cowboy country. If you're not playing Country music, or banging on the guitar while screaming, they don't know you exist! :roll:

Thank you for sharing your works here.



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