New Year


New Year

Message par pasjk » ven. 31 décembre 2010, 22:31

A Blessed New Year and good music for you all


Re: New Year

Message par LanceFortune » sam. 01 janvier 2011, 03:50

Same to you, pasjk ! Let’s hope that I (and everyone around) will have more time for CG in 2011.


Re: New Year

Message par Tarbaby » sam. 01 janvier 2011, 21:55

Thank you, pasjk. Best wishes to you too!

If the economy stays the way it's been, it looks like many of us WILL have more time for practicing. :chaud: :lol:



Re: New Year

Message par Lorette » lun. 03 janvier 2011, 07:26

Thank you, pasjk, and a healthy, happy, musical New year to all of you.

Lorette :D

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