Hello everybody...


Hello everybody...

Message par murderface » mar. 11 octobre 2011, 06:05

I am not sure if this is the place to introduce yourself or not? Anyway, I am 25 years old, in america, and have been playing steel string acoustic guitar now for maybe 4 or 5 years. I have basically drifted over to classical material and pieces anymore, and will be purchasing a classical guitar sometime, hopefully, in the future. I am just too poor at the moment, but still love playing on what I have (100 dollar cheap made in china acoustic, :lol: ). I am right now working easier pieces to learn, as well as learning and instilling all the major scale keys and modes, as well as the pentatonic minor/major and harmonic minor. I have been playing finger picked classical style for maybe 2 or maybe even 3 years now, just because I like it. I used to play mostly ska/reggae/metal contemporary type music, with the typical pentatonic soloing/lead, but it just got so boring. I got really into folk music after that, as the bland popular garbage and me distanced more and more, and started finger picking, and then that naturally evolved into a taste for classical guitar. But I still have yet to go buy one. :lol: Anyway I had to make a post or two to be able to download some a score I wanted to, so there ya go...

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Re: Hello everybody...

Message par wchyme » mar. 11 octobre 2011, 08:18

Cool, glad to read that you're stepping out of the danger zone, welcome to the world of classical guitar :lol:
Apparently you got the rules right here, indeed you have to post 2 and then more to access some scores. You can also ask any question (use the search feature though before).
Guess what, Dowland and some renaissance repertoire sounds greats on a steel string guitar! And I'm sure you can find an old Yamaha for nothing on e b a y...



Re: Hello everybody...

Message par Johnirace » mar. 10 janvier 2012, 14:03

Hello there guitarist friend!

well, I really liked your nickname..... :bravo:

welcome to the forum!


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