Anyone else have this trouble?


Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par mac_mcg » lun. 22 septembre 2008, 16:01

This all sounds very, very familiar. I'm glad that I'm not alone.


Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par bukena » lun. 22 septembre 2008, 16:31

I am a bibliophile. I love books... and I have way more books that I can possibly use during a lifetime.

And while it is awesome to have all this material available, the truth is that it is not at all practical. When I need an excercise for a student... it's hard to remember in which book it was. Or I want to listen to something and just stare at my 2000+ cd collection unable to decide what to listen to.

One of these days I am going to donate all this stuff to some little town library and just keep what I really really want.



Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par lapdog » mar. 25 novembre 2008, 13:09

I am also an avid collector of music books. You can never have too many :D


Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par railsailor44 » lun. 16 mars 2009, 01:27

I am fortunate to have a good teacher. He is great at selecting pieces that match my abilities. As everyone else, I have been collecting "dream pieces" and have amassed quite a library. Most of it beyond my abilities. The teacher keeps me down to earth and does an amazing job of finding pieces that are both enjoyable and at my level.



Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par NewVillage » mar. 17 mars 2009, 23:38

easyclassicalplayer a écrit :Have bigger aspiratons than you can handle in playing and buy things to justify that you will use it and work on it, namely music books. I have so many instruction books, I would say at least 150, and may have only gone through parts of a few of them.... sigh... I am not sure why I do this. I hear beautiful music, want to play it, then get the book for it, and never progress, either because it is too hard or I don't know how to follow it...


anyone else have this problem before or is it just me :?:
Hi, easyclassicalplayer
:o I have this exact problem, too. But, my bookshelf's not big as yours... :lol: See my intro at ... 28&t=37595. I feel at home... :discussion:


Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par classitar » ven. 03 avril 2009, 18:26

I worked at 2 major Classical music stores - NY & Boston
It took a long time to stop buying sheet music and records

Also as a woodworker I'm still attracted to outstanding specimens


Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par pasjk » dim. 30 août 2009, 00:10

I would concur that what you have a passion for should be part of what you read. Also one needs to put to practice some of that reading. Setting realistic goals is good. Listening and reading beyond our skill level is good too. It is like listening to those who you know are the best of a generation. You will not play that well, but you can appreciate all they do and bring the same attention, passion, skill, interpretation, and demonstration of you love for the music tootheres at what ever level you are able to accomplish.
Thanks for all the good thought here.

John S

Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par John S » jeu. 10 septembre 2009, 01:22

I can tell that I'm already traveling on this same road. I have only been playing for about a month and I have already repeatedly forced myself to put the credit card away while I'm reading the english forums. There are so many suggestions of various pieces that I just want to go buy a CD with the music on it and the sheet music to accompany it. Hopefully access to the level 1 MP3's and the delcamp sheet music will sate my hunger for a while..

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Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par wchyme » jeu. 10 septembre 2009, 02:55

Yep, the good news is that all levels are free here. it takes time to progress and I guess we picked one of the most demanding instrument.
Nevertheless, don't use your credit card there is plenty of stuff free on the net, not only here and I'm talking about legal freebies. You can listen to, they have a classical guitar channel. Pandora also is interesting: set you up with say a 'segovia' channel and you'll listen to a bunch of public domain material... Get to know an author like Bach, Giuliani, Sor, Tarrega and work on their pieces from simple to most complex. Pretty rewarding after some time: you'll become familiar with their style, cliches, etc. and playing their music will become easier (duh, well, except Bach maybe).


Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par fuyioioih » mar. 05 janvier 2010, 10:44

Hi folks,
I'm back again and find that this discussion is about my life.
I seem to go through all of the same attitudes discussed here.
I go through them in cycles.
My music folder from here and wherever else I can find useful and interesting material on the net has gotten enormous.
Bukena's 2000 cd collection sounds familiar.

It all goes together. The things we collect are tools and toys. When some of my toys feel neglected, I try to give them a little love and affection.
I know that some day all of it will be passed on to someone else who will appreciate most of it as I have.
Think of the Boije collection.
Think of this site. The tools available here are like nothing else I've ever seen.
We all have contributed.

I found from working with a group of students that each of them had something to teach me.
My teacher gave me that.

It is the gift of a lifetime.


Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par pasjk » jeu. 04 février 2010, 02:21

The Adobe Acrobat idea, for those who have/can afford it is a good idea. There may be some 3rd party pdf software that can do the same for a lesser cost. Worth investigating.


Re: Anyone else have this trouble?

Message par murderface » mar. 11 octobre 2011, 06:08

Once I got everything down I wanted to learn, all in one little binder, it was so satisfing. As I know I will not have anything else I would want to learn or practice for my whole life. Unless for some reason I become very talented. Which would take a miracle. Or 2.

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